How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction in Males

Erections are hard and solid and occur during a person’s lifetime. An erection is a gradual increase in the size of a sponge-like penile tissue that occurs when tissue within the penis fills with blood. Typically, erections cause the male penis to increase in length and stand upright outside of the body. Erections may go away for their duration or after orgasm, either the involuntary release of seminal fluid through the urethral opening, the contraction of muscle around the base of the man’s penis, or both. Most males reach a point where they require help with their erections and a medical professional may be able to prescribe a prescription strength erection pill that will help them maintain an erection.

In terms of sexual function, an erection is necessary to produce the sexual experiences that occur during puberty and adolescence. Without erections, sexual pleasure is severely hindered. Additionally, a lack of erections can result in diminished satisfaction in the bedroom from decreased sexual pleasure and from decreased interest in sex with a partner and difficulty maintaining an erection long enough to complete intercourse. If an individual has premature ejaculation (PE), it is possible that erections are becoming suppressed due to PE and a lack of sexual arousal and interest. This results in a relationship that is not built upon mutual satisfaction and enjoyment of sex.

With the onset of adulthood, sex concerns begin to decline in importance until bedtime and in some cases sex is entirely avoided by the young adult or adolescent. In some instances, a lack of interest in sex or inability to achieve erection may also be caused by nerves that have been damaged during childhood or possibly even during pregnancy. As a result, erections decrease in frequency or stop occurring altogether during the night and the effects of these conditions on a person’s daily life may be significant enough to cause psychological problems in adulthood. For instance, reduced interest in school, work, or family can result in low self-esteem and insomnia which can make the erectile dysfunction even worse.

There are a variety of reasons why males experience difficulties with their erection. For instance, inadequate circulation to the corpora cavernosa can impair the muscles that surround the penile chambers from working correctly. Additionally, a lack of blood flow in the penile shaft can result in a lack of hardness and may even cause premature ejaculation. Another physical cause for erectile dysfunction in early puberty is damage to the vessels around the head of the erectile organ. These damaged vessels may hinder blood flow and lead to blood vessels that are engorged with excessive blood resulting in swollen penis and erectile dysfunction.

Fortunately, many physicians and specialists believe that ED is caused more by a combination of psychological factors and physical issues such as poor circulation to the penises and nervous system issues. Many researchers think that ED may be related to how the brain perceives sexual stimuli and whether or not the body recognizes an erection as a real threat. For instance, a boy who receives a tickling or gentle rubbing from his mother may feel that it is a sexual threat and so will grow tensed or excited. This same child may grow excited after receiving a trickling from his girlfriend or mother.

Other physical problems that can cause erectile dysfunction in early puberty include poor posture, arthritis, neurological disorders, and poor health due to inactivity. Poor posture and arthritis both affect the blood vessels surrounding the erectile organ and in some cases these vessels may constrict resulting in less blood being able to reach the penile chambers. This means that an erection cannot form properly or may not even come about at all. Neuropsychological disorders such as anxiety and depression also affect a young person’s ability to get an erection because they affect the way the brain reacts to sexual stimuli. Finally, inactivity can lead to a decreased blood flow and make a person feel sluggish, which can also inhibit sexual desires and lead to erectile dysfunction.

Erections are a very common function of your male body, particularly in men who are undergoing puberty. An erection is essentially a hardening of your penis which happens when soft sponge like tissue within the penis fills with blood. This makes the penis look like it has swollen or might be bleeding. There is nothing more uncomfortable than sex with blood dripping from your penis. However, this is entirely normal and there is no need to worry about it at all.

An erection occurs when both the tunica vaginalis and corpus cavernosa became engorged with blood resulting in the opening of pores known as the epigastrium. This allows the release of sexual hormones which promote arousal. After the preliminary excitement has worn off, then the erection actually takes place. Erections can last for anywhere from several minutes to a few hours and then the surge of blood within the penis causes it to ejaculate. The male generally ejaculates just prior to his partner’s orgasm.

One reason why you may have random erections is due to emotional issues. If you have problems, you may find that you have occasional episodes of erection which do not last very long. If the problem lasts for longer than is normal for you, then you should make an appointment with an ED doctor such as Premier Men’s Medical Center to talk about it. This is quite common as it is only a temporary condition and you will eventually be cured. If you keep thinking about it though, it will only serve to irritate you and make your erection problem worse.

Another possible reason why you may have erections randomly is if you suffer from a low libido. It is normal for men to have erections at least three to four times a week. These are usually very strong and occur right on time. When they don’t though, you might notice that your sex drive is low and it affects every aspect of your life including your sexual performance.

There are many reasons why you may have episodes of erection failure. Often times, it is not the physical reason. Stress can cause your body to have weak erections or it can have nothing to do with sexual arousal at all. It could simply be a lack of desire for sex. Many men actually lose interest in having sex when they are so stressed out. If this is the case, then you should work out stress-free and healthy ways of dealing with the situation such as meditation, yoga or other forms of exercise.

Physical conditions such as diabetes or poor circulation can also be reasons why you have random erections. Poor circulation causes your penis to shrink over time and it becomes thinner and shorter than it should be. You also have a decreased intake of nutrients, which play a big role in sexual arousal and therefore desire for sex. If you suffer from any of these conditions, then it would be in your best interests to make sure that your blood vessels are all intact and running strong. This can be done through regular exercise and good nutrition.

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