Pros and cons of Lasik Surgery that you must know!

 Have you been confused of deciding between whether you must go for Lasik surgery or continue wearing contact lenses/glasses? To come to a confident decision, you must know the good and the bad side of it. Once you know both the sides of the coin, you will be able to take a rational decision on Lasik. The surgery is not an immediate decision. You need to be physically and mentally fit to go for it.

Thus, if your doctor has suggested you to go for it, it means they find you fit for the treatment. Let’s check out few pros and cons of Lasik surgery. If you have any confusions or queries related to this advanced technology, we suggest you to contact your nearest centre and inquire about the same.

 Pros and cons of Lasik Surgery that you must know!


  1. Lasik surgery is advanced and quick to perform:

We know that the surgery doesn’t take much time. Your doctor will confirm the same with you. Due to advanced technology and efficient tools, the experts are able to perform the surgery at no extra time.

  1. The results of Lasik surgery are instantly visible:

Another advantage of Lasik surgery is that the patients experience immediately results. They don’t have to heal completely to see the result.

  1. You will be free from contact lens and glasses:

The patients will be able to see without glasses and contact lenses. Thus, they are relived from wearing contact lenses or glasses.


  1. Chances of injury on the flaps:

The flaps created during the process of Lasik surgery are exposed and at risk. Thus, the patient must not rub the eyes even by mistake. You need to take extra precautions post the surgery.

  1. Chances of undergoing Lasik surgery again:

Sometimes, there are chances that the vision may not be clear and visible as expected. Thus, the patient may have to go for another surgery again.

  1. It is not open for all:

The eligibility criteria for Lasik surgery doesn’t open for all. People who are 40 or older are not eligible for the surgery. Thus, the advantages are limited as per the age-group.

For any further details on the surgery and Lasik treatment, you may also hit the contact us button on the website. We hope you are more confident of taking the decision for the Lasik surgery after reading this article.

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