Why You Hear A Crack Sound In Your Back?

We all heard about back adjustment and chiropractic treatment, but the whole procedure is extremely well good and gives relaxation to the back. After hours of seating in the same place, it’s natural to hear a pop sound and to experience a sort of tension release. It may also occur during the visit to CP Health or a chiropractor for the treatment.

Some hypotheses are on why this sound and sensation arise. Many practitioners suspect it is a result of changes in synovial fluid pressure. This fluid lubricates our joints. When we stretch our back, we extend the joint capsule. Another hypothesis is that when you have stored gases such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrate for a while in your joints, they are released. This is particularly true if the joints are not properly aligned.

Can I get a spinal adjustment safely?

Some workouts like Yoga or Pilates can help you stretch safely. You must get directed from the expert then you can do it comfortably in your house. This can help in treating chronic pain in the back. As part of your daily life, you should use these activities and see what fits best for your needs.

Bring your knees to your chest

The first position is to lie on your back. You’ll pull your knee from there and bring it to your chest. First and then the other leg as the neck and back is soothing. Two or three times you can repeat these movements.

Becoming a bridge

You want to bring your heels on your glutes while lying on your back. This would point your knees to the sky. You raise your pelvis gently and, if possible, hold it for 10 seconds until you come down slowly.

Rotation of your lower back

Once you have completed the previous workout, you sit on your back and lift your two knees that they’re bent.

Your shoulder would remain still as the hips are moved side by side and contact their knees with the ground. Hold this location on either side for 10 seconds if necessary.

Rotation of the lower back while sitting

We’ll sit down for this one. We crossed both legs and we picked up the right leg and bent it over our left leg. And, on your right leg, we put our left elbow. Rotate the upper body to the right if you feel like you can do it. Try to maintain this position on the other side for about 10 seconds.

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