Morning Juice Recipes: The Best Way To Start Your Day

There is nothing better than starting each day with energy, vitality, a good mood, and better than preparing morning juices recipes. Feeling good should not be a luxury, but a chronic and daily lifestyle; sleeping the necessary time, having a light dinner, or meditating a little when waking up, are some recommendations to provide the body with that natural preventive medicine, the most effective to maintain a good state of health. Even the simple action of drinking a glass of warm water with lemon juice on an empty stomach can make a big difference.

Food is vital, so here we propose alternative morning juices recipes that will make you feel light and clean; your body will thank you for it. All you need is a blender or a juice extractor and a little discipline and perseverance. And remember, for best results, it is best to drink them 15 minutes before breakfast.

Pineapple – carrot – celery

Energetic and detoxifying, this combination is refreshing and ideal for cleansing the body. The pineapple’s negative calories, together with all the purifying potential of the carrot and the fiber of the celery, go directly to lower cholesterol and discard what is not helpful to the body. The carotene content of carrots is very effective in preventing cancer. Celery, a great remineralize, is of great help in high blood pressure because it is rich in potassium and calcium.

Beet – apple – carrot

The apple is a fruit as versatile as it is nutritious, and one of its qualities is that it combines perfectly with many foods. Both apple and carrot have significant benefits for the skin, and the combination of both together with beet, which gives it an intense color, is delicious. This heart-shaped, earthy-scented vegetable is high in magnesium, which promotes circulation and bone health.

Lemon – celery – ginger

To eliminate all toxins, lemon is the most potent fruit. It helps to digest and dissolve fats; besides being very rich in vitamin C, it is an excellent antioxidant and prevents many health problems. Celery helps eliminate excess fluids from the body and provides many minerals, regulating and improving kidney function. Finally, ginger improves digestive function and increases metabolism.

Pear – grape – orange

The pear is a fruit rich in silicon, a mineral essential for the beauty of the skin, hair, and nails, and bone and joint health. Its sweet taste, moreover, combines perfectly with the acid and sweet nuances of the grape. If it is red, grape skin is rich in flavonoids and contains resveratrol; a nutrient is known for its property to inhibit cancer cells’ growth. Orange is highly recommended in the morning, as it activates the body and improves mood.

Watermelon – mint – cucumber

Watermelon is the queen of fruits. This is one of the most refreshing juices as a diuretic, ideal for hot days; being rich in water and fiber should always be taken separately from meals to digest correctly. Cucumber and mint, also summer vegetables, have important digestive properties.

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