2-CBD extraction methods

With the sole purpose of obtaining the final product that will be used for consumption and treatment of the multiple evils that undermine us in society, the CBD undergoes terrible transformations before the final product is obtained. There are three methods that are commonly used to extract good quality CBD oil Ontario. These methods present themselves as soot:

CO2 extraction;

Extraction by oil;

Extraction by alcohol.

Each of these extraction methods has a number of advantages and disadvantages. The process also depends on the final product one wishes to obtain. This is the case for example, CBD RAW which uses a different extraction method than CBD Pure.

What is CO2 extraction?

CO2 extraction, also known as ‘supercritical extraction’, is the most popular method of extracting CBD from the cannabis plant at the moment. It is very safe and effective, because the manufacturers literally extract all CBD and other substances from the plant. During this process, carbon dioxide, which is considered “supercritical”, is used. Carbon dioxide is a gas that can be absorbed by plants and released by humans. Its use requires increasing the air pressure of this gas to a high level so that it begins to behave like a liquid. The resulting liquid CO2 is then used to separate the CBD from the hemp plant. In this process the hemp plant is fully utilized.

What is oil extraction?

 Unlike CO2 extraction, oil extraction requires heating. With this extraction method, only the hemp buds are used, because they contain more CBD than the rest of the plant. With this heating technique, all other elements of the hemp plant disappear. Only pure CBD remains. That is why this production method is used to obtain the product CBD Pure.

What is Alcohol Extraction?


What is Alcohol Extraction? Unlike the other extraction methods mentioned above, it is a very cheap and simple solution. Contrary to the other extraction methods mentioned above, it is a very cheap and simple solution. Globally, only hemp buds are used. These are soaked in alcohol for a long time. After a while the CBD dissolves in the alcohol. Then the alcohol evaporates. And finally only a sticky paste with CBD remains. A disadvantage of this technique is that the procedure is very slow and time-consuming. In addition, a lot of active elements are lost during the process. All in all, each extraction method has these advantages and disadvantages. The relevant point is that the advantages may outweigh the disadvantages. One of the biggest advantages of extraction by the CO2 technique is that the hemp plant is not heated. Heat-sensitive substances are therefore retained intact.

One of the advantages of oil extraction is the taste. The vast majority of people find the taste of the CBD Pure product more pleasant and better than that of the CBD RAW product.

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