Recreational Marijuana- Tricks for a Long-Lasting High

Recreational marijuana provides users with the desired high. Although you should begin with lower doses, you build tolerance with time, and you’ll need to consume more to achieve the same levels of high. Also, the psychoactive effects of the products and other cannabinoids may not last long.

How can I have a long-lasting high? A tolerance break will help but may be short-lived. Also, detoxing and staying off weed products for about a month can help reset your buttons. There are also many other ways to improve your high feeling, and Star Buds Kirkland Dispensary Washington will guide you to achieve this through properly dosed products.

How long should my psychoactive high last?

There’s no specific time as to how long you experience the high effects. Cannabis offers a personalized experience to every user, and the effects vary between users. Also, multiple factors can determine the duration of your high. Typically, beginners can expect to experience the psychoactive effects for up to six hours. The factors affecting this include;

  • THC levels

Strains high in THC will have more lasting effects than those with lower THC amounts. If you consume more THC, your body will take longer to process the products, thus translating to a longer-lasting high.

  • Mode of consumption

The method of consumption matters a lot when we talk of cannabis use. You can smoke, vape, ingest or apply weed in the form of creams and ointments. The rate of absorption largely depends on how you consume your weed.

 It also depends on how long it takes to experience the effects. For instance, smoking and vaping have a high bioavailability rate. This means you’ll feel the impact sooner after taking the products. Similarly, edibles take longer, and you may take up to two hours to notice the effects.

  • Tolerance

As a beginner, you’ll experience the effects faster than an experienced user when consuming the same weed amount. It’s then critical to inquire for the cannabis Dispensaries near you about the correct dosages of beginners.

How can I make my high last longer?

There are various ways to make your high last longer. First of all, a mango slice will go a long way. Just like marijuana, mangoes have terpenes like myrcene which are also present in cannabis. When you eat a mango, you boost terpenes in your bloodstream. Eat the mango before making your weed; the terpenes in the mango will interact with that in the weed, thus increase the product potency.

High tea also works. It’s laden with antioxidants that bind with cannabinoid receptors in the weed product. This will make you feel more relaxed, lift your mood, and if you have that high feeling, it will last longer.

Lastly, try some sweet potatoes. They are rich in vitamin E, which improves your overall state of mind and mood. You’ll likely experience a better euphoric feeling if you take some sweet potatoes before consuming your weed. The effects will also last a little longer.

In summary

You don’t have to increase your cannabis dosage to experience the desired high. Taking high weed doses can have adverse effects and isn’t advisable. However, by considering the mentioned tips, you’ll have a better experience and more lasting effects.

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