Top reasons to pursue an online nursing degree

If you want or need to continue working in nursing and healthcare but want to advance in your career, an online program might be the right fit. Online programs for a nursing degree are an excellent option for someone who wants to grow in the field. An online nursing degree also offers immense flexibility for busy working professionals.

For one, an online program is helpful if you work full-time and can’t attend classes on campus. However, an online degree has more advantages. If you’re interested in advanced leadership roles such as becoming an administrator, having the option to gain continued nursing experience and earn the required degree credentials is a winning formula.

Read on to learn why pursuing an online nursing degree may be right for you!

Benefits of earning a degree while you work

The benefits are endless for taking an online nursing degree, especially at highly rated schools, such as Baylor University, offering nursing leadership courses. For one, a program such as theirs is 100% online. Meaning there’s no need to go to campus, which provides immense flexibility. As a result, you can find more time to study and complete your coursework faster.

In reality, if you work full-time in nursing or healthcare, you may find it hard to balance work and return to school, but the chances are that you’re thinking of having to rush to a traditional classroom setting. There’s no need for it. Online education has taken off, and there’s a reason many people pursue it. As mentioned, they can continue to work, but they also have flexibility in scheduling, and that reduces stress immensely.

Additionally, online degree programs typically cost less than traditional classroom degrees. As a result, you can have savings that make a difference and matter to you and your family.

You can work on your degree while working full-time

If you’re in nursing, you have many responsibilities and a busy schedule. Despite this, you may want to continue to advance in your career and want to explore leadership opportunities. That’s only normal as an assertive professional, but you might think it is challenging to fit your studies into your daily schedule. If you work full-time, you can complete your bachelor’s degree online. You can find the right program and fit your studies into your schedule. All you have to do is set aside time each week to study and complete your coursework. As you know, returning to school can help you advance in your career, earn a higher salary, and have more job opportunities. So, now’s the right time to take the plunge and keep moving forward, and there is a path for you to do all of it.

You can pursue an advanced practice role from an online program

For example, if you want to enter an advanced practice nursing role, such as becoming a director, nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist, you will need to earn an advanced degree beyond a Bachelor’s. An online program makes it easier because you can take classes on your schedule. In reality, it may not be easy to take courses on campus while working full-time, so you may miss essential classes — and information — simply because you couldn’t make it to class on time. It’s happened to many people in traditional classroom settings. An urgent matter arises at work, and they miss a critical lesson. That doesn’t happen in an online program because it takes place on your schedule. You take classes on your own time and fit them into your day. You may even complete a degree faster with an online program.

Online learning decreases stress

Let’s face it, stress is rising in the US — and that’s not good. As someone in healthcare, you know stress is a significant health issue. It affects someone’s emotional, psychological and physical well-being. For generations, tens of thousands of people held full-time jobs and advanced their careers by going to traditional classroom settings. However, this only led to stress. When people feel rushed and unable to be everywhere simultaneously, it creates a ‘fight or flight’ response. In turn, the body starts to pulse with adrenaline to help you address your stress. Being stressed for extended periods is unhealthy and can have serious adverse effects. Therefore, people must intentionally choose to minimize stress, and online learning helps with this. As we’ve expressed, with online learning, you’re not in a continuous rush to get to class.

There are many reputable institutions offering degrees online

If you’re interested in pursuing an online nursing degree, many reputable institutions offer these programs, so you can choose the right program for you that fits your needs. For instance, you can select a program based on the degree you want and the specialization you wish to pursue. Also, you can choose a program based on the cost, program length and coursework. In reality, you can find many online nursing degree programs in healthcare that are right for you. There are also many different programs that you can pursue. For instance, you can choose between a bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and even a bachelor’s-to-master’s program. The choice is yours, but you need to know that you have options from accredited and highly-rated schools.

Summing it up: Working and online education

As you see, when you pursue an online nursing degree, there are many benefits. You can find more time to study, save money on tuition and have more flexibility in your schedule. Additionally, you can ensure you stay healthy by lowering stress since you don’t have to attend classes in a traditional setting. Therefore, you can pursue your dreams of becoming a nurse from the comfort of your own home. You can complete the coursework when convenient, and you don’t have to worry about fitting classes into your schedule. An online nursing degree is an excellent option for someone who wants to advance. In conclusion, gone are the days when your only opportunity to get ahead was to attend class in a traditional school setting. You can work and even get a degree around your schedule in a student-centered world.

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