Functions Of The Leading Food Supplement

The man who goes to the gym nowadays and follows specific training usually uses food supplements. It is important to remember that supplementation follows a particular diet, designed according to each individual and the purpose that that person seeks.


One of the most common food supplements at snac nutrition supplement. the consumption of creatine, works in several functions for the body. It is present in protein synthesis, provides more excellent nutrition for skeletal muscles, increases strength, and reduces fatigue.

The frequency of consumption varies, depending on the need and objective of the exerciser. Generally, creatine is combined with carbohydrates and is consumed after training. Its misuse can result in water retention, cramps, and weight gain.


BCAAs are the branched-chain amino acids (Leucine, Valine, and Isoleucine). They are essential in the body’s recovery after training and help to delay muscle fatigue, serving as fuel when glycogen stores are low.

In addition, they serve to reduce or prevent the catabolism that results from over-training, helping to maintain the balance of nitrogen levels. Indicated for endurance athletes or those who do long-term training. Typically, BCAAs are used before and after activities and also increase insulin production. It has no contraindication.

Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide, or NO2, is recommended for those looking to increase muscle strength and volume. NO2 is a substance in the body responsible for glucose balance, oxygen transport, muscle growth, energy production, and blood vessel hemodilation.

Both bodybuilders and athletes, in general, use the supplement. In addition to reducing muscle fatigue, it helps with vasodilation, speeds up the post-workout recovery process, and offers an increase in performance for those who exercise in both strength and endurance modalities.

It is usually taken before training. Its consumption for some individuals can cause a drop in blood pressure and fluid retention. Check if some supplements of this line have caffeine, as not everyone can ingest this substance.


Caffeine supplement is a stimulant and one of the most ingested substances in the world. Provides entire energy supply and acts on the central nervous system to combat fatigue. Caffeine supplements are also recommended for those who want to lose weight – this is because their consumption releases adrenaline – and also for people seeking mental focus.

Caffeine is considered a thermogenic agent because it speeds up the metabolism and the speed of burning calories. If consumed in excess, it can cause agitation and even heart complications; those who have heart problems need to be very careful.

In addition, it has a strong diuretic effect, which can lead to problems with hydration during prolonged exercise. Its consumption usually occurs before training and is more recommended for athletes who work at high intensity, not leisure athletes.


Thermogenic is nothing more than fat burners. These supplements transform the calories from body fat and the individual’s food into energy. With the acceleration of metabolism caused by thermogenic, the body has a more significant caloric burn throughout the day and, of course, physical activities.

Weight loss is not their only benefit; they also reduce appetite and help to define muscle mass. Its consumption throughout the day varies from product to product and from doctor to doctor, but usually, intake is made before training. Its side effects are similar to those of stimulants such as caffeine, which can cause tachycardia, increased blood pressure, and insomnia, for example.

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