Both men and women suffer from the problem of acne. Acne breakouts tend to leave behind scars on our faces. A lot of people try various intensive at-home skincare regimes to target the problem of acne scars. However, though they are necessary to prevent future breakouts, these regimes are usually ineffective when it comes to targeting acne scars. Acne Scar Treatment Toronto is hence one of the most sought after skin treatment. Various treatment options have become increasingly popular to treat the acne scars left behind after breakouts. The advancement in treatment can transform the complexion and restore beautiful skin. One such popular acne treatment is chemical peels.

What is a chemical peel acne treatment?

A chemical peel acne treatment can be performed and repeated at an interval of 2 weeks. The acid in the chemical peel, especially targets the acne and acne scars. These peels have been approved by Health Canada and are safe for use. The chemical peels are made up of various acids and concentrations. The type of chemical peel used depends upon the target problems. The peels can be superficial, medium, or deep chemical peels. The chemical peels are usually made up of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, polyhydroxy acid, amino fruit acid, trichloracetic acid (TCA), and other such acids.

How long does the treatment last?

A chemical peel treatment is not a long treatment. The treatment lasts about 45 minutes. After undergoing a chemical peel treatment, you must avoid direct exposure to the sun and wear sunscreen whenever you step out of the house. The peel involves peeling the superficial layer of the skin. Such peeling can take up to two to five days after the procedure. This peeling wouldn’t usually adversely impact the daily schedule if you are undergoing acne treatment. You might look sunburnt for a day after the chemical peel. But this look will slowly diminish after each chemical peel and wouldn’t be as noticeable as the first time.

How does the chemical peel work?

The chemical peel works by penetrating the skin superficially and sometimes even at a slightly deeper level. It works across the surface of the skin and shed the layer of dead skin cells. This allows fresh and new skin cells to move upwards and be revealed. This movement of new and fresh skin cells makes you look younger and fresher. The chemical peels also help to reduce oil secretion, which is a common cause of acne. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits.

The medium to deep peels works by resurfacing the skin to improve the look of acne scars. Peels are a safer option for acne treatment for darker skin tones as there are fewer risks associated with it than laser treatment.

Ask the experts

Once you have decided to target the problem of acne scars, you should consult a skin specialist. They would tell you which type of treatment would be the best option for the kind of acne scarring you have.

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